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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tracy Reese - Fashion Fights Cancer

How meaningful can a handbag be? I learned the answer to that at an event given by Fashion Fights Cancer.  Designer Tracy Reese led a design and therapy session for cancer patients to personalize a tote bag.  The multi-week workshop was held at the designer's studio.  She and her team opened up their facilities to demonstrate dying techniques, embellishments and her library of inspiration books for the participants.  The group started with sketching on the first workshop, then got to explore all different skills for the next classes for their finished bag.

This class was one of a series organized by Ty Canty, founder of Fashion Fights Cancer.  Previous workshops were led by Byron Lars and another coming up with Jason Wu.  The non-profit will host a fundraising gala this September to provides services to survivors and those suffering from cancer.

To donate or volunteer your own stylish skills, learn more here.

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