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Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Tips for Surviving Barney's Warehouse Sale - NYC

Ok Label Whores...Gird your loins...The infamous sale starts today in NYC.  

Tips for surviving New York's Best Warehouse Sale:
1: Know your measurements.  You might not have access to a dressing room.  Then bring a measuring tape to the sale.  Often, fabulous items can be looked over because they are mislabeled or the brand sizes different than others.

2. Have a mental picture of your existing wardrobe.  In the heat of the moment, the Barney's sale can be the fashion equivalent of a drunken night at a tattoo parlour (but more expensive).  Make sure you know what you have, and maybe what you're looking for.

3. Bring a friend (with a different size or style from you).  You cover more ground, she can act as your mirror if there isn't one.  She'll give you the thumbs up or "I can't believe you want to spend $800 on that" verdict.  Think of the friend as the Alexander Wang-clad angel on your shoulder.

4. Hydrate! Do this before you enter the sale.  You don't want to crash out just as you reach that Balenciaga gown do you?

5. Bring an umbrella.  Hurricane Irene is headed our way.  It would truly suck if a thunderstorm destroyed your newly acquired Proenza Schouler because the rain turned the paper shopping bags into mush.  If you're a New Yorker, you know how tough it is to get a cab when it's wet.

Barney's Warehouse Sale is located at 

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