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Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebrity Fashion Auctions

Countless magazine articles and talk show segments instruct you on how to dress like your favorite star. However, if you have the dollars and want to help out a good cause, you can always bid on the real thing right off the celebrity back.

For cool retro Mad Men style, you can bid on Joan Harris' green dress as worn by Christina Hendricks. This, and dresses worn by characters Betty Draper and Bobbie Barrett are up for auction to benefit City of Hope.

For more casual chic, you can bid on Evangeline Lilly's 'Kate' costume from season 1 of ABC's 'Lost'. This and tons of other cast outfits are on auction for the next few days. (My personal favorite in this auction is Hurley's Mr. Cluck costume).

Clothes Off Our Back is an organization founded by "Malcolm In The Middle" star Jane Kaczmarek and actor Bradley Whitford from "The West Wing". It takes clothing and accessories worn by celebrities to auction off to benefit children's charities. Currently, you can bid on a necklace worn by Lindsay Price from the "Lipstick Jungle" and garments directly out of Bette Midler's closet.
Photos courtesy of AMC, Profiles In History and Anna Webber / WireImage

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