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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FAB Exclusive: How-to Eat, Pray, Love with Kiran Rai

Style, spirituality and spaghetti ruled the box office the past weekend. With the popularity of the book and movie, Eat, Pray Love, there is a huge demand for global chic. Kiran Rai, design director of Sir Alistair Rai and Satya Rai has always been an ambassador for style that is not exclusive of spirituality.

Ms. Rai has been inspired by the people and culture of her extensive travels. The International influence has helped her to create her laid-back and edgy collection. The bohemian touches and humor of her collections have made fans of Halle Berry, Ricky Martin and Angelina Jolie.

Mariana Leung had the opportunity to ask Kiran about her design and work philosophy:

MsFABulous: What piece of the collection is your personal favorite for the upcoming season?

Kiran Rai: My favorites are the "I'm Free" Peacock Caftan, and the Tie Dye Wrap in pink. The caftan is a wardrobe staple; it's flattering to all body types and is wearable all year round. I was inspired by the Rolling Stones in this collection, and this pattern evoked their "I'm Free" hit for me. The Tie Dye Wrap in pink is hot; it's got the same softness our wraps are known for, but the pattern and color lend it some edge for the Fall season.

MsF: Plenty of celebrities have enjoyed the carefree elegance of your pieces. Is there one in particular that you feel embodies your style philosophy the most?

KR: Julia, Julia, Julia! Everything about Julia Roberts is true to our style philosophy. Her style, her SMILE, her timeless beauty, and her love of India.

MsF: The global soul of the Satya Rai collection seems to be right on point with the spirit of upcoming Eat, Pray, Love movie. Where is the most inspiring place you have traveled yourself?

KR: India is hands-down the most inspiring...and funny enough, Italy is my second favorite! I understand Elizabeth Gilbert choosing the countries she did for her journey. India is my motherland, and I lived outside Milan in Lugano in boarding school. They both hold different inspiration for me: Italy means love, fun, food and wine, and in India, I find bravery, peace, color...and it's always a different journey.

MsF: The commitment statement on your website states “You can feel good that the clothes you buy today are helping enrich the lives of the people who helped make them”. So few fashion consumers ever pause to think about the human beings who make the product they wear. Can you tell us a little about the people you employ to make your collection?

KR: Two words: HAPPY, and RESPECTFUL. I have the best crew; they've been with me forever, and they really do embody our truth...both in their personal and professional lives.

MsF: Your label’s message is one of peace and wisdom. Rare for the often cut-throat world of high-fashion. What is your personal mantra for navigating the stressful garment industry?

KR: BREATHE...when I can!

MsF: Thank you Kiran! Namaste!

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