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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Betsey Johnson's Birthday Party - Great at 68

Last night, fashion icon Betsey Johnson celebrated her Sweet 68 at her birthday party in Soho. She arrived in a pink limo. She looked fabulous in her signature blonde locks and red lipstick; she showed fans and colleagues that she has all the moxie she has always had since the 1960’s.
Staff and fashion groupies were dressed in girly Betsey Johnson frocks. Many wore wigs or styled their hair like their heroine. Some even paid homage through make-up.

Chambord provided raspberry flavored vodka cocktails. The Cupcake Café decked out the boutique in rich buttercream topped flower desserts.

The clothing had bright novelty prints that Betsey Johnson is known for. Dresses were girly, embellished with lace, ruffles, ready for dancing. Bows and roses decked handbags and shoes.

Betsey’s signature pink color has taken on a more significant meaning in recent years. She is a breast cancer survivor who has become a warrior against the disease. She was a chairperson for the CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign and co-authored the book “Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy” with Geralyn Lucas. She hosted charity events and raised money designing a t-shirt. She was presented with an award for her work by the National Breast Cancer Coalition in 2004.

Happy Birthday Betsey, and may you have many more to come!

1 comment:

Shelby said...

Betsey johnson looked like she had a great birthday, it must be nice to look that great at that age!

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