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Sunday, September 8, 2019

NYFW: Cheetos Fashion Show - House of Flamin' Haute

ami goodheart
Yes, my friends, there IS a Cheetos fashion show at NY fashion week. Chester Cheetah has styled himself the Karl Lagerfeld of snacks and launched The House of Flamin' Haute. 
This was, by far, the CHEESIEST NYFW event I have attended, and it was a whole lot of fun. Guests were invited to get a cheesy makeover, with Cheeto-fied salon services like sparkly flame motif eye makeup, orange manicures and hairstyling with Cheeto branded hair accessories.
Guests could then have a custom Flamin' Hot Cheetos bag made up for them to snack on, and dine on "Flamin' Haute" cuisine in the form if Cheetos crusted sushi, dusted watermelon canapes and such.
The fashion itself was inspired and style by a handful of influencers, from The Hungry Hipsters to Stylist J. Bolin. The final look was a creation made by costume designer Ami Goodheart. The artisan creation was made from the snack itself and upcycled Cheetos packaging. 
The event was topped off with a performance by rapper Saweetie in hot pants (of course) and cute Cheetos hair clips.
The gift bags included branded nail art decals, hair scrunchies, more Cheetos and a big package of hand wipes for that inevitable dust (thoughtful!). It is always entertaining to see non-related fashion brands get in on the NY Fashion week mania. They don't always work, but this one embraced the silliness and made it campy and fun. 
my type rapper
photos by Mariana Leung

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