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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Zang Toi Fall 2019 - God Bless America

Yep, God Bless America is not a happy, carefree statement anymore. Zang Toi, accomplished designer, immigrant, is wonderfully proud of the opportunities he has had. Zang Toi's Fall 2019 collection was a celebration of that in an elegant display of red, white and blue. As always, the clothing was an unapologetic display of luxury for all the guests to dream of.
Sadly, even aspirational, beautiful fashion, and someone who is showing pride for the country that he loves is now a contentious political matter. Sitting front row of this show was Marla Maples and Donald Trump Jr. I know some guests and photographers had decided not to attend because of that. Donald Trump Jr's and everything he represents, all of the disgusting, evil things his father and administration have done churns my stomach. You know what? All of those things have NOTHING to do with the fashion show in front of me. I was there to support an accomplished Asian designer who has shown only support for a diverse bunch of photographers. Zang Toi is a generous, sweet soul who casts the most striking models of all ethnicities, many of whom are also immigrants.
Sumptuous silk velvets dramatic capes and ballgowns, super-luxe denim for daytime. What says American style more than a pair of jeans and sneakers? Season after season I fall in love with a collection that ignores the ugliness outside and creates an elegant ideal for how many people would like to see instead.
The showstoppers were the draped American flag gowns that held an air of World War II pinups and patriotic posters. The hair and makeup were all about vintage Hollywood glamor. If Rosie the Riveter were on the runway this season, her headscarf would be luxurious silk, and denim jumpsuit would be tailored to all of her curves.
I wish fashion could be only about art and beauty, but the country is always in danger of losing both now. Zang Toi's Fall 2019 is taking a stand not to let that happen.
All photos by Mariana Leung

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