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Friday, May 31, 2019

Sichuan Street Style - Throwback Hanfu Fashion

chinese street style
My Dad is traveling around the Sichuan province of China this month. He sent back a few photos of the Chinese street style trend he was surprised to see. Young students everywhere were donning silky robes in the style of historical Hanfu.
While most vintage fashion lovers rarely wear clothing dating back more than the last century, the Hanfu styles of this trend have not been worn in 400 years. The fashion fans are not wearing ancient ancestors garb, many are shopping for updated versions readily available online. They are not wearing them like cosplay. I initially thought perhaps they were emulating historical soap operas.
According to students interviewed in the South China Morning Post, Hanfu fans wear this trend as a way to connect with their roots and past. It is a sense of pride in their identity.
It is hard to imagine Americans dressing up as pilgrims on the street, heading to class or office. That doesn't stop designers from trying to send pilgrim fashion and prairie style down the runway every few years though.
Whether you are knowledgable about the Han people or Chinese history, the style of the Hanfu fashion is quite pretty. Flowing robes and embroidery look elegant and comfortable as far as style trends go. I also like the idea that students are wearing these outfits as a way to identify with their past and ancestors. With the way the United States is divided right now, I am wondering how fashion influencers here would incorporate patriotism and history into their street style, and whether that is possible without controversy?
What do you think of wearing traditional dress as your go-to work outfit? Could you pull off a vintage style that is four centuries old?
I can't wait to see what other trends emerge after Hanfu fashion for Sichuan street style.
photos by David TW Leung

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