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Monday, August 20, 2018

The Blonds Fall 2018

No collection at NY Fashion Week says fierce to me season after season more than The Blonds. The models stalk down the runway like Amazons, the makeup severe, gorgeous and intimidating. I am always in awe of the layers and layers of embellishment that make their looks a combination of burlesque and Haute Couture.
For Fall 2018, the theme was the battle between good and evil. You don't need a devil and angel on your shoulder when exquisite fashion pieces are adorning them. Elaborate embroideries of Preciosa components helped shape each character. Think dripping red crystals and sharp spikes and studs, sometimes sitting in as Devil horns to represent evil. Imagine all sizes of pearls and glittering fringe as a stand-in for angelic wings.
I love that The Blonds never execute their theme in a cliched or expected way. You don't need literal feathered wings for angels. You don't hooves and a spiky tail to emulate the devil. I love that the hair in two peaks on the top of the head gives the impression of horns or even Gary Oldman's Dracula from the 1992 film.
I doubt your average woman will be buying these looks off the rack and heading to the office with them. The Blonds are divas and know how to dress them. Expect your favorite pop icon or entertaining legend to sport this collection.
Fashion curating legend, Daphne Guinness closed the show in her styling of a rockstar.
Good or evil, angel or otherwise, I would commit a ton of sins to get my hands on a dress from The Blonds.
Daphne Guinness The Blonds Finale
All photos by Mariana Leung

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