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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Playboy Sketch Night - Society of Illustrators

playboy costume
You know I love a Drink & Draw kind of night. The Society of Illustrators has weeknight sessions inspired by their current exhibits where models get in costume. Bring your art supplies and get settled in their bar/lounge on the top floor, enjoy a drink and some nibbles out on their lovely deck during breaks and sketch your tipsy heart away.

I love that you can admire their exhibits on your way up and down to their lounge. They showcase great artists with social and also current pop culture significance. This summer has the art of The Avengers with iconic comic book artists. They also have important works from female artists with themes of resistance. 

This particular evening, they had a Playboy Sketch night. This meant a sexy female model in retro Playboy Club outfit posed with a dapper male model exuding classic Hugh Hefner vibes. If you're looking for more traditional life drawing, the Society hosts those on other nights. I prefer costumes and cocktails. Regular life drawing makes me feel like I am back in school.

sketch night
spiderman art
photos by Mariana Leung

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