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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NY Bridal Week: Reem Acra Bridal Spring 2017 Bond Girls

reem acra spring bridal 2017
bridal week reem acra
There were a lot of "naked" dresses on the NY Bridal Fashion week runways this season. Reem Acra did the opposite. She designed a collection that had a traditionally romantic look and modest coverage for her Spring 2017 collection.

That's not to say her gowns weren't sexy. There was a lot of lace with layers of sheerness as opposed to overt skin exposure. There was an attractive corset detail in the back of several gowns with a wide ribbon lattice that implied more skin exposure instead of a completely bare back. 

This classically beautiful bridal collection was a contrast to her last two NYFW collections which were the most provocative I have seen from Acra. Her spring 2016 had a Sheherazade harem theme; her fall 2016 runway was full of Femme Fatale lingerie looks.  

Perhaps Reem Acra's sultry sirens wanted to play blushing bride for a day. The soundtrack for this runway was a medley of James Bond tunes. While the dramatic theme usually goes over well for a fashion show, it was odd for a classic wedding catwalk. The image of James Bond and women don't exactly bring to mind commitment and eternal love. Most of the (many) women in his life don't live long after being romanced by him. The one installment of the series where he gets married was the least popular of the franchise. So what exactly is the message here?

I might be over thinking this. Luckily, the beauty of the dresses transcends the music. My favorite looks were the gowns with tightly beaded bodice and huge stacked organza ruffles. Based on social media reactions to my photos, I wasn't alone in my choice.

If you want to feel like a princess on your special day, I can't imagine a more regal designer than Reem Acra to dress you for the aisle.

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