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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Theia Spring 2016

tile print dress
theia ss16

My favorite fashion collections are ones that offer some escapism. THEIA Spring 2016 took you away on a romantic trip to Granada Spain. Specifically, designer Don O'Neill looked to the UNESCO World heritage site of Alhambra.

The palace at Alhambra was once a fortress before being converted into the royal palace in 1333. It is remarkable for the Moorish architecture with Byzantine influences. As you can see from O'Neill's mood board, the palace has stunning architectural details and painted tiles. 

fashion sketches

You can see how the lacy carved stone entrances were interpreted in the embroidered lace gown above in the middle. All of the lovely painted tile patterns are incorporated into the digital prints on satin and chiffon. The rich blue and terra cotta colors along with Spanish sunshine have made their way into the overall color palette.

I am hoping to see more of these gowns on the red carpet of the ongoing awards season. My favorite Golden Globes dress came from THEIA already. I would love to see these patterns and sunny shades as an alternative to many of the predictable looks that celebrities usually wear. THEIA cuts to strategically flatter a woman's body with special details, so you can't go wrong. With THEIA spring 2016, you can be assured that you are surrounded by a palace. 

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