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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fashionware's Wearable Tech Fashion Show 2015

wearable tech fashion show

So what is your view of wearable tech? Is it stylish? Runway worthy? The big convention of tech CE Week rolls out the newest gadgets to the techie consumer. Their marquee event is the Fashionware fashion show to showcase the glam side of gadgets.

This show demonstrates that wearable tech is more than your FitBit. You can make a bright impression, with dresses by Angela Dale. The holographic, rainbow LEDs on the silver dress (top) and the space-age dresses worn by the musicians of the band Sidney York were choreographed with the tunes of the catwalk.  The cute Stella Audio clutch handbag the model up top is carrying is also embedded with Bluetooth speakers so you can produce your own soundtrack so you can turn any spot into your personal nightclub.

fashionware show

The strapless cocktail dress and heels on the top right corner were both 3D printed to the model's measurements. Other hacks were the use of technology like the MeU display that can be applied to garments and programmed via smartphone to display and design (picture the flirting or cursing possiblities...).

Designer Valerie LaMontagne created an elegant shift dress and ruffled scarf that looked at home in any posh setting but used "smart" fabrics.. What you don't see is that the dress is embedded with motion sensors that react to the wearer's movements. The scarf contains hard and soft circuits. The model's necklace is a fashion forward locket by Kiroco. Instead of traditional photos, it acts as a digital safe to hold your precious moments.

Chris March, the flamboyant Project Runway alumni, and entrepreneur (I love his collaborations with Target) hosted the event. The runway presentation was short, but CE Week's Fashionware runway should provide enough inspiration for tech-savvy designers to think about their next collection.

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