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Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

mermaid makeup

mermaid parade 2015

Do your fishies swim? Saturday marked the 2015 Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn. It is a tradition of Coney Island in its 32nd year. It takes inspiration from the burlesque dancers, side shows, circus and artists living the community (there is a Mermaid Avenue next to the Parade route).

With the rich entertainment history of the parade, the perfect King Neptune and Queen Mermaid for the event were unsurprisingly Mat Fraser (musician and actor on American Horror Story Freakshow) and reigning star of burlesque in NYC, Julie Atlas Muz. I loved their work separately even before I found out they were married. (I heard they even had a zombie walk during their wedding, which makes them the coolest couple in the world).

mat fraser julie atlas muz
I was sadly home sick and missed the parade. I had to live vicariously through the photos of my friends and Instagram. This parade is a gorgeous display of sexy costume and fashion design. A lot of people have artistic interpretations of the mermaid and sea theme. Some do a great mash-up like the Marilyn Monroe mermaid or Goth-maid. As many outfits lean towards the skimpy side, it creates a palette for some dramatic hair and makeup creations. Jewels, long lashes, pear
ls, shimmering body paint, seaweed, and coral are the clear style winners. While the ladies are bringing it, I'm happy to see lots of men bringing their art to the parade as well and just having fun.

From fins to fashion boardwalk, the Coney Island Mermaid Parade was the place to be!
photos from Don O'Neill, Norman Blake and crowdsourced from Instagram.
Check out Style Your Inner Mermaid
by Mariana Leung at Mode


The Get Fit Diva said...

I've never been but it is on my must-do list! I love the elaborate costumes, the whimsy, the fun...thanks for sharing images of such a fabulous event.

Becky said...

Wow.. Thank you for sharing the experience with us way out in California. You guys have great events over there...

UrbLife said...

I missed it this year, I heard it was a little crazy, but fun. Such cute pics!

Danielle Alina said...

OH I Love Mermaids!! We have nothing like this in the UK

Mademoiselle Nomad said...

This would have been a huge hit here in Cape Town!

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