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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide

fathers day guide

Happy Father's Day Weekend! Instead of pulling aspirational shopping guides from the web like everyone else, I wanted to show you what the men in my life will actually have in their hands. 

Father's Day Gifts Should Be Stylish and Practical

From the bottom left, is the The Describer's Dictionary. My Dad is trying to write more to accompany the beautiful photographs he takes. What he is struggling with (and me as well) is an expanded descriptive vocabulary worthy of the experiences he has. This is a great book with lists of descriptive terms for every occasion. It also has a section of literary quotations to set the tone for your writing as well.

Up from that are a pair of Nectar Sunglasses. I was happy to receive these for a trial as an alternative to the ones that Hubby keeps losing. They are lightweight and have poly-carbonate frames that are durable for travel. Instead of the pricey designer glasses, their shades are under $40 and the company offers to replace them for life for only $10. Both my Dad and Hubby are prone to losing stuff like this and it would give them piece of mind to know these do the job and won't stress if they get lost.

Hubby loves John Varvatos. Thought he should smell the part with their Artisan Cologne.

I finally got to try Google Cardboard. I was like a kid for the first 48 hours and so was Hubby. I'm getting this for my Dad too. He loves to play. You can get your Google Cardboard from a list of sources. Then download cool apps to your smartphone to experience the most reasonably priced, but impressive Virtual reality device I can imagine. (Try Sisters...SPOOKY!) 

A PR company sent me the Klhip for Hubby to try out. It is the manliest nail clipper I have seen in its rugged leather pouch and hardy matte metal fabrication. However, the innovative hinge handle does give more power and comfortable leverage for clipping the gnarliest of toes. He has no excuses now.

Both Hubby and my Dad lose wallets, camera bags, other high-value luggage on their many trips. Tile is a lightweight device you can either hook to your key chain or stick to your bag, laptop, camera, etc. If you lose it, it is tethered to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the Tile App. It can show you where you left it, and as you draw closer, the device will play a tune until you find it. As you can see, I bought four. One for each of them and two for me.

Lastly, what is it about UNIQLO that Asian Dads love? Comfy basics and a great price point? I guess it's not much of a mystery. This store inspired the only time I have ever seen my Dad choose fashion over a museum. Take the Dad in your life for a shopping spree. Their stuff fits Dadbods and DILFs. Right now, they are selling the winners of the Uniqlo Star Wars art contest on their t-shirts. Of course I got one for fanboy Hubby. 

To all of the Dads, Dads-to-be and father figures in your lives, Happy Father's Day!

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