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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Parsons Fashion Show 2015

parsons fashion show

You never leave Parsons. That's the tagline the school has promoted and the fact that I was here to support the fashion design class of 2015, well over a decade after my own Parsons fashion graduate show tells you it's true.  The format has changed, the venue has changed, but the spirit is the same.

Technically, this was the 'rehearsal' show in the afternoon. Alumni and press were able to enjoy the actual work of the fashion design graduates in sunlight without the paparazzi, clinking glasses and industry execs talking over themselves.

Unfortunately, I was not given a run of show or designer names during the runway, so if you are a designer, claim your work in the comments so we can recognize you!

parsons fashion 2015

The afternoon started with dean Simon Collins bringing out last year's designer of the year Simon Li to catch up on his accomplishments with only one year out of school (considerable). Of course the gala's honoree later that evening was prize alumni Marc Jacobs presented by Anna Wintour. Paper magazine's man about town Mickey Boardman made some off-color jokes to cut the nervous tension of the students in attendance, but unfortunately if flew over their heads, so he got right down to presenting portfolio awards.

As far as the trends I saw coming out of Parsons fashion design, it looked like a focus on texture was key. There was a lot of draped layering on this runway. I saw a lot of mixed fabric weights and textures. Instead of soft draping, there was a lot of sculpted, structured draped silhouettes. There was a lot of play in color or non-colors (creating shapes in white or contrasting black and white).

Congratulations newbies! I have a feeling all of the Parsons Fashion Design Show graduates are going to be okay.


UrbLife said...

I had to do a double take on that first pic - the model looks like a Barbie doll! So cool! I really dig the men's striped suit, very fresh.

Mademoiselle Nomad said...

Very cool to see those designs. Such creativity!

Danielle Alina said...

That knitted cardie is awesome! I am knitter, now i want to make one lol

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