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Monday, March 30, 2015

WildFox Fall 2015 - La Dolce Vita

Gelato! Pasta! Italia! The Los Angeles-based knitwear brand Wildfox Couture took us all on a getaway to Italy for their Fall 2015 presentation. Retro slogans like "Kiss Me I'm Italian" and "Italians Do It Better" were printed on over-sized sweaters.

The location for the event was set in the classic restaurant in Little Italy, Il Cortile. The run of show program for the different looks was set up in a menu. The collections were set up into "Pastel Gelato Girls" "Vineyard Girls" and "Restaurant Girls". With Wildfox Couture having a vintage slant, you could see the pretty red gingham prints like a trattoria tablecloth (plus gingham is a HOT trend for fall), casually wrapped sweater like La Dolce Vita or more rugged overalls of someone about to work the vineyard. Of course, everything had a feminine touch with vintage lace and tongue-in-cheek attitude.

wildfox couture 2015
photos by Mariana Leung
Models had smoky eyes makeup and sexy loose waves and blown out hair like they just woke up out of bed. I was hoping they would make an entrance on a moped.

Guests were treated to Italian wine tastings and nibbles like meatballs, fresh mozzarella crostini and pizza. I vamped it out at the photo booth with scenic Italian backdrop and Italian phrase speech bubbles. Some danced to IT DJ's the Misshapes. 

It's not hard to see how the romance of Italy inspired design director Kimberley Gordon. I just watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun (again), reminding me of my honeymoon in the area.

Ciao Wildfox Couture!


Angel Rodriguez said...

I'd love to party with y'all. :-P I dig the outfits, I dig the cute dog, and of course, I'm digging the ladies. LOL. I'm such a guy!

UrbLife said...

Cuuuute!! What does the tee with the fries on it say? The dog is in front of it, and now I'm kind of obsessed with knowing... lol

busybeeblogger said...

What a fun fashion show. I love it when they really make it an event and this sounds like was quite the party

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