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Monday, July 21, 2014

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: WildFox Couture Swimwear 2015

wildfox couture 2015
comic art fashion

Wildfox Couture Swimwear brings out the rebel in all of us.  The West Coast label was known for its vintage graphic aesthetic and sense of humor.  The swimwear show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim was presented in the same spirit.

A massive storm had hit the Raleigh Hotel grounds right before the runway rehearsal.  It left the plastic covered catwalk wet and slippery, even from inside the tent.  Models attempting to rehearse in heels quickly (painfully) met the floor head-on.

There were several themes running through the Wildfox 2015 collection.  There were the wildflowers.  This included sweet bikinis in pastels and ruffles.  Solid pastels or floral printed suits would be paired with ladies in flower crowns. There was a literal flower bikini on the runway, clearly not meant for the pool.

There was a sporty, athletic group that had rash guard tops, scuba and mesh styling.  The graphic art group was a lot of fun.  Swimwear graphics were inspired by comic-books, pop culture and superheroes mingled with suits that had suggestive text printed across provocative areas of the body.  Silly prints of hamburgers and wildly colored leopard prints were a lot of fun.

The models of the Wildfox Couture shows always look like they are having a GREAT time.  They sashayed to a soundtrack of my favorite dance tracks of the 1990’s. 

Oh the memories…

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