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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tarte Cosmetics NYFW Survival Kit

maracuja eye cream

The style marathon that is New York Fashion Week begins now. If you are working the fashion shows you are expected look fabulous at all hours. This must be achieved through harsh NYC winter weather in heels while your skin takes a beating. To look and feel good, you can rely on tarte cosmetics a beauty haul to get you through the week.

My workday during fashion week usually lasts 14 hours at the end of the runway and another four when I get home. My eyes are TIRED! Tarte maracuja oil is a key ingredient of the Maracuja C-brighter eye treatment. Maracuja is a fruit high in fatty acids that help hydrate your eye area. Vitamin C brightens and rejuvenates.

While in the photography pit, my wardrobe is forced to be more practical than sartorial. The one area where I can go wild is my makeup. I love creating a dramatic eye look with a collection of my favorite colors. The tartelette Amazonian clay matte palette actually holds all of my favorite hues. They also contain vitamin E that act as an antioxidant and clay ingredients for a truer pigment.  For a great cat’s eye look, make sure you have liquid eyeliner. The Lights, Camera Action Lashes is packed with vitamin B5. Don’t forget good waterproof mascara that can fend off sweat and snow.
tarte cosmetics
The other thing you can’t do without during fashion week is a good moisturizer. I barely sleep, so I really need a multi-tasking product. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer should be the MVP of your routine. It is packed with good things like Amazonian clay, chamomile and vitamins A, C and E to nourish your skin. It is made without oil, so it will not feel greasy or heavy. While you run around town between fashion shows the 20 SPF sunscreen protects your face.

I know that tarte cosmetics are a trendsetter in colors and looks. What makes them more than a fad? They have a commitment to cruelty free makeup products that use intense natural ingredients. I like that their community of tartelettes share everything from makeup look tutorials to supporting health initiatives and the environment. This is a company that knows classic beauty that applies to you inside and out.
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