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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stephan Caras Spring 2015

stephen caras toronto
toronto fashion caras
It was another runway for fans of mermaids or ice queens. The Stephan Caras fashion show at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto was all about the shimmer. The dominant colors were clearly metallic silver, gold and cool white.

The Caras family, with Kyriako Caras now also designing, loves texture and opulent shine in their fabrics. The men also love to show a lot of leg, shoulders and cleavage (though rarely at the same time). Many of the silhouettes had a retro sexiness to them, like the flared leg jumpsuit, plunging neck disco dresses, portrait back collars or short short suits.

kyriako caras
photos by David TW Leung

Stephan Caras Luminous Collection Spring 2015

Luminous is the right name for this runway. The models looked like they were ready to soar to the moon in some of the space-agey looks. Some looked like femme-bots ready to tell Austin Powers to behave. Maybe this is because Stephan Caras has lived around the world, from being born in Greece then making his way to fashion success via Australia. Now this family dresses the most stylish muses in Canada. Maybe when you conquer this planet you’re ready to head to the next…

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