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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alternative Valentine's Day Gift guide

sexy valentines

Yep, February 14th is coming up fast. I’m not going to give you’re a Valentine’s gift guide full of the usual clich├ęs. This gift guide with a fashion and beauty twist is for singles, lovers, BFFs or anyone you heart in your life.

Sexy gifts, stylish gifts, think outside the "box" for Valentine's 

Instead of gimmicky boxers for guys, how about this illustrated XOXO t-shirt ($28) designed by up-and-coming artist Jeremy Leung. The detailed graphic looks like all the twisted guts and nerve endings that go into love. 

Instead of flowers, my particular fashion crowd would prefer to receive artisanal bourbon. Come on, you know you would too. Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($105) delivers a sexier result than a bodega bouquet ever would.

If you're going to give jewelry, forget some twee little locket. Send her a real message of how you would rip out your heart to give it to her with TNine Design's anatomically correct heart organ necklace ($44). 

You can't get away from 50 Shades of Grey references this holiday. If you must, do it with style. Agent Provocateur has been doing posh kinky fashion for years now. This luxurious leather cat o'nines whip ($590) features hand plaited strands and gold hardware. It looks so elegant that you could easily take it out of your purse like any other fashion accessory and strike the nearest boy toy.

Speaking of leather. If you're not up to a full on leather corset, how about suiting up your bubbly instead? Seriously, how much do you covet Le Snob's Le Champagne case ($395) you can carry around like a handbag? I actually drooled when I saw this one.
marijuana candle
Is it not Valentine's Day without chocolate? Spare the calories and make yourself pretty with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection ($60). It has everything you need to craft the perfect boudoir look; from smokey to cat's eye.

Guys, candles can make any location look more romantic. However, no man wants to fuss with tea lights and cheesy candle holders. You need the Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle ($52). It has an intoxicating scent of fig, pepper and patchouli to set the mood.

No one says you need a significant other to feel pampered on Valentine's. Lush Cosmetics can provide all the Prince Charming you need with an entire spa line to sweep your off your own feet.

Do you picture yourself dragging femme fatale nails down someone's back? Christian Louboutin's Rouge Nail Color ($50) will give you the sexy manicure you want.

So there you have it. Unusual, sexy Valentine's gifts you can give to yourself, your mate, object of your affection or your best friends. If you are an admirer, you can always send some this way too!

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