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Friday, February 20, 2015

#NYFW Art Hearts Fashion - Michael Costello Fall 2015

alien model nyfw
If you're the last designer and last fashion show to close out the Lincoln Center era of New York Fashion Week, go out with a bang. Michael Costello and Stephanie Costello did just that last night for the finale of the Art Hearts Fashion presentation for AIDS Awareness.

Most people will talk about the naked male model, Laurent Marchand. Perhaps they might talk about a fabulous "V" like reveal of the model to lizard alien face (spectacular makeup on that one BTW). If that's all people talk about though, that would be a shame. I first saw these gimmicks as just that, something that a lesser talent would pull just for the sake of publicity. Then I read the designer's statement of how this collection was "inspired by the daring, outspoken and misbehaved". Also, "centralized around the unconventional, & challenging boundaries". Now it makes more sense.

michael costello fall 2015

The rest of the runway was indeed very sexy, but it had a lot of gorgeous looks too. Definitely figure-hugging and not for the timid. The Project Runway alum has already shown more growth from his spring show. I still think his collection is begging for some high drama pop divas to showcase them properly on stage. Now that he has the world's attention, I hope Michael Costello can focus on pure, fashion design with the distractions. They are showstoppers in their own right.

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