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Monday, September 8, 2014

#NYFW: Kate Spade NY Spring 2015

kate spade spring 2015
kate spade nyfw
The girliest girl, even grown up, will always love Kate Spade.  The spring 2015 presentation of this label was an indoor garden party.  The backdrop was a fantastic wall of paper flowers.  The ground was carpeted in real grass (and dirt). 

Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd has kept the feminine, tongue-in-cheek spirit of the original brand in this fashion show.  The models were outfitted in graphic, pop art floral prints, bold colors like poppy red, grass green, white, black and hyacinth.  The designers added subtle athletic influences that you could see in color blocked silk tunics reminiscent of 1920's sportswear.  There was one look with a model in a green and white print coat and hat that I swear was the spitting image of the Kate Spade mascot illustration from the 1990's. 

I think more fans are familiar with the handbags of this brand than the clothing.  There were whimsical wicker bags in the shape of crabs and frogs.  Cute clutch handbags were decorated with witty eyelashes.  Big carryall totes have been a signature shape for Kate Spade.

On a recent Twitter chat about beauty trends at NY Fashion Week, I posed a photo of the manicures at this show.  Models sported white nails with a thin black line through the center.  Simple, graphic and a big hit online. 

I personally love my big weekend bag that I now use for my laptop.  No doubt a few spring pieces will also end up in my sister’s collection as well.  (Bags, she will claim I “gifted” to her but she bought for herself).  Once a Kate Spade girl, always a Kate Spade girl.  

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