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Monday, September 22, 2014

Miz Mooz Shoes Loves New York

miz mooz fall
yoga nyc skyline
 I couldn’t dream of a better New York night than one spent with the team of Miz Mooz shoes this past week.  It was a warm, early evening where a bunch of my fellow bloggers and I stretched our way through an invigorating yoga class.  We were absolutely spoiled with the backdrop of the sun setting on the Manhattan skyline.

That’s the sentiment I have with Miz Mooz shoes.  They are a homegrown New York brand that is like the savvy girlfriend that first welcomed you to Gotham and took you shopping.  Miz Mooz is where many ladies got outfitted to begin their sophisticated fashion girl life and the telltale bright orange bag.  Their shoes have that distinct vintage styling and quirky details that you recognize on the streets Downtown.  They are built to be comfortable and sturdy because New Yorkers walk everywhere. 

Miz Mooz had their fall styles up for a tryout during the yoga session.  There were many boot options, from short booties to knee high lengths. I love the retro closures of the buttons along the side on styles like the Normandy and Denise.  I used to see styles like this in movies, vowing to buy them when I became a grown-up.  The “Flirt” bootie had a curved, wrapped zipper detail.   They were all made from hand-finished leather.  There were of course the basic dark black, brown and grey colors that every New Yorker owns.  If you want to branch out, they also offer rich bright reds and blues online to add that pop accent to your outfit.

grey vintage shoesMy favorite shoe for fall has to be the Kimmy, with its T-strap and curved heel.  T-straps always remind me of ballroom dance, the curved heels give me support without looking clunky.  The heart-shaped detail at the front and they are offered in grey or black just works with my wardrobe. 

Like every Gotham girl, she longs to travel after she conquers the city.  Miz Mooz shoes are now available all over the country and online.  I like knowing that wherever I end up, I can always have my New York city favorites right next to me.
 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miz Mooz Shoes.
Photos by Mariana Leung

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