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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cruba by Mira Becker

cruba fashion

What a treat NY Fashion Week can be when it reunites you with old-time school chums.  Mira Becker (now Von der Osten)  was in my class at Parsons School of Design.  I always remembered her wicked sense of humor and cool design sense.

Her label CRUBA hails from Berlin, Germany.  She proudly manufactures her collection within the country as well as in Poland.  She uses beautiful silks and cashmere, along with innovative closures like transparent and rubber zippers.  Her signature look then and now has been her use of drape.  Mira likes the juxtaposition of a slender fitted knit on one side of the body and an artistic drape of silk on the other.

Her key prints for spring 2015 was a quilted floral, which was quite a departure from her comfort zone.  The other print that was executed on silk and textured cotton was one that initially looked like pretty colors in an abstract pattern on white ground.  It was actually based on a photograph of garbage blown across snow, a way of making something beautiful from something discarded.  Of course, Mira jokingly referred to it as her “White Trash” print privately. 

cruba fashion germanyOther key pieces in her collection were the hand knit sweater top made from multiple strands of cords in different sizes.  Tomato red was a hot color next to some of the neutrals and navy.  Mira Becker explained that the German fashion customer was all about impeccably finished clothing.  The irony is that the many of her customers are New Yorkers who have wandered their way into her boutique in Berlin’s gallery district.

Bravo and come visit often Mira!
photos by Mariana Leung

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