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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Let Your Hair Down & Win the Ultimate NYC Getaway

Let your hair down girl!  Did you ever think that letting your locks fly free could win you a super stylish trip to NYC? Think makeovers, luxury hotel, shopping in Fashion district, VIP dining and helicopter tour around New York’s original diva, Lady Liberty.

Show off your flowing waves on Instagram with #downfor30 in as many ways as you like to earn your chance to win the epic NYC luxury experience. 

Never pull back, get the details here.

My own hair is generally a frizzy burden each morning.  I am too much of a late riser to attempt fancy curls in a disorganized blowout.  I recently got a digital perm to give my long, heavy hair some texture, but if I don't have time to style it properly, it turns into a nest!

Cue Frizz Ease Nourishing Elixir.  After toweling off my hair after a shower, I give myself one pump of the elixir and rub my hands together.  I work it through the roots, crown and the areas that I know will get the most unruly by the end of the day.  I also work a bit of styling mousse in with the longer strands.

Next, I divided my hair into four sections, two at the front, two at the back.  I twisted each section of hair and blew dry it while holding it from the ends.  A bit more light blow drying at my roots  to make sure I didn't flatten out and I am done!

I told you I don't have a lot of time to do my hair.  That is as complicated as I like my hair routine to be.  I am calling this my "Uptown Wave"   If you are like me, you can try a similar look or if you have a great tip, share it with #downfor30 and #sweeps for your chance a a luxury NYC getaway!

Displaying Frizz Ease Logo.jpgFrizz-Ease believes that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. So we're challenging women everywhere to take on the world hair-first and wear their hair #downfor30 days straight with the help their favorite Frizz-Ease products. Join the movement at NeverPullBack.com.
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Justin L said...

That first dress is a show stopper! Thanks for sharing!

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