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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fresh Youth Initiative's Recycled Fashion Show

clothes made from trash

newspaper dress
Looking for true eco-chic fashion? I went local (my own 'hood) and found a bunch of young crafters and designers.  The talents from the Fresh Youth Initiative created fabulous dresses made from newspapers, magazines and other typical trash items.

Under the direction of Fatima Guzman, the organization in Upper Manhattan put together the Fashionista project.  The mission was to gather items that people typically throw away (they also use lots of candy wrappers, chip bags, bottle caps, etc.) and create an upcycled stylish piece.

The grand finale of the recycled fashion project was a runway show featuring the 16 young makers.  The choreographed presentation took place earlier this month at the Opus Lounge in Inwood section of Manhattan.

As you can see, the silhouettes they achieved are quite impressive.  Some pieces looked like a corset with an elaborate train, fluted skirt, quick similar to some of the shapes you see on the Haute Couture runways.  If these ladies keep at it, they may be the new generation of style.
Photos courtesy of freshyouth.org

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