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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cirque du Kix'ies Pin-up Chic

lingerie circus
thigh high model
kixies thigh highs
Lingerie Fashion Week trailed on the end of NY Fashion Week. My favorite? Kix'ies thigh-high stockings.  Their main selling point is their stylish edges stay up on your leg without giving it that muffin top look.

How best to demonstrate that?  They had a very flexible trapeze aerialist contorting herself for an hour in the hosiery and they didn't budge or inhibit movement.  Most women don't put themselves through that many motions in a day, so they passed the test.   The collection had pretty patterns and looked great under clothing, but their more opaque patterns and graphic top edges worked well as outerwear accessories too.

I had a chance to chat with founder Samantha DeMartini who created the to solve a problem of rolling stockings.  I used to love the look of thigh-highs, but hated fussing with garters and did indeed have to fight with legwear that kept rolling down on me.  Anyone with any kind of thigh would.  Samantha actually let me know that her most devoted customers are the one who wear the largest two sizes, because the curviest customers were delighted to finally find sexy hosiery that performed for their shape.

Ms. DeMartini keeps this collection close to her heart.  Each style is named after a woman who inspires her in her life.  A portion of every Kix'ies sale benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of her father.

Samantha DeMartini was truly hands-on during this presentation.  When one of her models fell ill on the pedestal, she jumped in herself to keep the Kix'ies show going.  No doubt, this woman has already mastered the art of getting a "leg-up" in the industry.

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