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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anna Sui's Opium Den - Fall 2014

anna sui fashion
anna sui fall 2014
Vintage Chinoiserie and 90's Bohemia mated on Anna Sui's Fall 2014 runway.  The dark berry bow-lips and bobbed haircuts were reminiscent of old 1930's 'beauty" advertising.  Bright prints in Anna Sui's signature purples.

The soundtrack with retro racial stereotypes could have been considered highly offensive.  I suppose in Anna Sui's hands, it was meant to be an ironic poke at them to demonstrate how this collection was intended as a twist of traditional Asian motifs.  The contemporary take on Asian motifs theme has always been done very well by Vivienne Tam, I guess Ms. Sui wanted to give it a try.

Some of the looks were pretty and will no doubt have her hardcore fans drooling.  Her flea market look from the brand's inception is still consistent now, forever trying to capture the club kids and hipsters of the designer's youth.  However, the entire run of NY fashion week was filled with rich, luxurious furs, so the cheaper, fake fur qualities on this runway looked poor in comparison.

Much more successful were the accessories on offer.  Anna Sui's color blocked seamed footwear and handbags were a lot more fun.  The long, orientalist ornamental necklaces could give a dramatic look to any simple outfit.
Photos by Mariana Leung

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