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Monday, December 9, 2013

Tracy Reese Spring 2014

lesbian fashion
tracy reese spring 2014
Ladies who saunter to the beat of a festive drum.  Tracy Reese's Spring 2014 fashion show at Lincoln Center was a sexy parade of bright colors, floral prints with Latin flair and Cuban swagger.  This designer, along with colleague Byron Lars is a favorite of Michelle Obama.  You can picture the First Lady showing off her muscular arms in the fitted short sheath dresses or presenting a great speech in the well cut print blazers.  

With tilted fedoras and cigarette pants, there were many looks that came down in pairs.  The bag of choice was a complementary printed backpack for the girl REALLY on the go (for great distances).  The models were cozy with each other, prompting me to wonder if another type of message was being expressed in support of recent political rulings.  True or not, I know the burly male photographers in the pit with me did not mind.

Tracy Reese was always a down to earth woman when I was first assigned to her as my designer mentor at Parsons School of Design.  She had the best assignments and constructive advice.  It was good to see her again when I volunteered to photographer Tracy Reese for the Fashion Fights Cancer event.

I love that her look is always a mix of fun and feminine for grown women.  I love the embellishment and play of colors with mixed prints.  No wallflowers, just blooming ones please!
Photos by Mariana Leung

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