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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nautica Black Sail - Spring 2014

From Father's Day special to D.I.L.F.s.  Nautica Sportswear's launch of the Black Sail collection at NY Fashion Week was their big push to show themselves as a sleeker, more fashion forward menswear brand.

Nautica's biggest visibility in the past few years was usually the round of Father's Day gift-giving commercials from Macy's for their basic knit polos.  For Spring 2014, the brand showed sexy leather shorts, body hugging knits, slim pants and crisp jackets.  A decidedly more smouldering look, but not out of the realm of their core customer.  Having worked with the brand, I do know for a fact that several of the core creative collaborators are hot Dads.

Meanwhile, there was a large protest outside of this fashion show led by model Sara Ziff.  The protest was against Nautica's refusal to sign the Bangladesh Accord of Fire and Safety after the horrible tragedy of sweatshop workers.   I am very sorry to hear and baffled by Nautica's refusal to support basic safety conditions for their workers.  I can't say my working conditions in the NYC office were ideal (we were forced to fit in the kitchen with people walking through with microwaved fish, or security doors that actually locked us in when the fire alarm went off).  But to publicly make known that you don't care as a brand about your workers? Wow. 

Does knowing if your favorite designer supports the Bangladesh Accord affect whether or not you want to purchase from them?

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