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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christopher Bates Winter 2013

christopher bates menswear
toronto male models
The Canadian fashion industry calls Christopher Bates the "James Bond" of menswear.  That doesn't mean he has a license to kill.  They are talking about the handsome designer's suave personal style which also translates into his collection.

I thought I would spend the next week paying tribute to the guys by featuring menswear.  Christopher Bates' Fall/Winter 2013 collection for World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto was sophisticated and refined.  That did not mean stuff.  The well dressed gentlemen strolled down the runway in a relaxed manner as the tuxedo clad creative director described the elements of each look.

This fashion presentation felt intimate.  From a writer and buyer's perspective, I found his format highly effective as you heard about the design intent, fabric and tailoring details directly from the designer's lips.  It reminded of the old-fashioned collections in designer ateliers, where fashion "shows" really were for the important people there to do business.

Christopher Bates is a highly skilled business man who drew quite a crowd in the panel discussions for new designers.  Prior to his fashion training in Milan, is career background was in marketing and sales. I guess such an impressive background does earn him a "Bond" nickname in these circles.

What is your favorite Canadian menswear brand?

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tasha said...

omg.........i want those beige thick heels with fur cant find them. please tell me here i can find those

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