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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Prep for a Fall Date

I love a fall weekend.  Is there anything more romantic than your first getaway?  As exciting as that is, there are also the little things you get nervous about.  What to wear?  What to pack? Even if it’s just an extended date or day trip, you want to be prepared.

If it’s a day in the country, you don’t want to be overdressed.  You want that casual, but cute look.  Fashion tips? You can’t go wrong with super flattering jeans or a great fitting cotton shirt.  For hair, keep it simple just in case you end up doing something outdoors.  Plus, that wind-tossed look is sexy.  Keep makeup simple too.  Guys know you can look polished, but they really fall for a gal that can relax too.  Complete your look with a great pair of boots that are comfortable enough if you go for a walk.

A day away from the city also allows quiet moments for quick kiss and snuggling close.  For that you can tuck some Hello breath spray in your back pocket.  I love their flavors of cinnamon, pink grapefruit and mojito.  It actually tastes good and doesn't have that dead giveaway of instant expectant breath freshener scent that some other brands do (you know what I mean… that overpowering nervous date breath from overzealous mint).  I can just pick these little sprays up at Duane Reade on my way to the train.

If you’re actually doing the whole weekend thing, the Hello mouthwash is nice too.  My favorite flavor here is also the pink grapefruit.  The packaging is cute and doesn't scream “mouthwash” like others might if you need to tuck it into your bag. 

What if it gets chilly? Make sure you have a really cozy, tactile sweater (think cashmere, cable knit, etc.) It invites lots of hugging and arms around you for more canoodling. 

So are you ready to head out for your autumn date? Prep well, get pretty and have fun!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Hello via Single Edition Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Hello.

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