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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Custo Barcelona Spring 2014

custo spring 2014
custo barcelona spring 2014
custo shoes
 Spring is shaping up to be about prints and more prints with shine.  Custo Barcelona's show for NY fashion week layered graphic patterns into well-tailored silhouettes for men and women.

The color palette had a cheery range of pastels like pink and citrus green that was accented with darker colors like navy and black.  Shimmering iridescent finishes and metallic surfaces of fabric added another dimension.  On top of the varied sizes of chevron type prints, there were pretty embellishments of embroidery and appliqué.   My personal favorite was the fringe like element on a skirt made with very slim tubes of printed fabric then attached onto a skirt.

With the bright color, shine and patterns, you would think it would limit the customer base for this collection.   Wrong.  The sleek pieces work for all ages and bodies for the most part in sportswear.  While you might not wear them all together in one look, a jacket or dress would look great at the office.  The swimwear is sexy and fun for the most luxurious of beach towns.  Shoes were just as desirable.  They were made with the iridescent coordinating patterns to complement the clothing. 

The menswear palette was a little more subtle.  There were earthier tones and more neutral greys in the mix.  The shimmering prints were used more as an accent than the main feature.  The clothing silhouettes themselves were quite basic.  Again, this group was commercial, but far from boring. 

As much fun as the looks were on this catwalk, I wish the models reflected that.  Unlike Desigual’s dancing and laughing models, the representatives were somber, even stricken looking in comparison.  I just don’t understand why the director would make that choice.  In the past, the Custo show was about being bold and alive.  Yes, the clothes can speak for themselves, but even the brightest look could use a hype man no?
What was YOUR favorite look from this show?

custo menswear
photos by Mariana Leung

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