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Monday, September 9, 2013

NY FASHION WEEK: Diane Von Furstenburg Spring 2014

furstenburg naomi nyfw
diane furstenburg spring 2014
The queen bee of New York Fashion Week took a trip to Africa.  Diane Von Furstenburg's spring 2014 collection had animal prints and cork textures in earthy tones.  There were also beautiful painterly patterns depicting the dessert, wildlife and ethnic designs in bold colors. 

The silhouettes were long. lean, but more relaxed than previous seasons.  I barely saw a signature jersey wrap dress.  There were intricate crocheted pieces most notably worn by supermodel Naomi Campbell in the show's close.  Handbags and shoes had a leather laced edge technique seen on handicrafts of the region.  Cork and beads were used as well.

Ms. Furstenburg gets women, gets the fashion industry and is the biggest argument for what makes New York the fashion capital of the world.  She has worked harder than any other single person that I know in trying to progress the American fashion world forward on issues good and bad. 
Who do you think has contributed most to the American fashion industry of today?

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