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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top 5 Fashionable Cartoons

wonder woman comic
In the past year, Minnie Mouse has been landing beauty collaborations and a bunch of tributes from London fashion designers.  I wanted to compile a list of my favorite fashionable cartoon characters from my youth:

Wonder Woman
She had a killer bod and was the last person you would ever call a damsel in distress.  In my childhood, there were not a lot of female superheroes in cartoons, so she was it.  Her jewelry deflected bullets and her belt contained a lasso that made you tell the truth.  If that wasn't a ploy to get a girl love accessories, I don’t know what is…
jem cartoon

She was a music industry executive and a secret rockstar.  Her earrings  were able to project holograms of an entirely new wardrobe to fit her alter-ego.  This cartoon was the ultimate example of fashionable, wearable tech (ahead of its time!).  The teased pink hairstyles, prints and body-conscious silhouettes were the height of 80’s glam.

cinderella dress

She was the poster girl for rags to riches makeover.  Not only did she have a team of mice and birds to act as her personal couturiers, she had a fairy Godmother as the world’s most awesome stylist.  When she misses her curfew, it is her one-of-a-kind shoes that ultimately reunite her with her prince and the key to a serious upgrade in real estate.  Rent-the-Runway may have structured their business model on this one.

incredibles fashion designer
Edna Mode

The minute she arrived on screen in Pixar’s The Incredibles, she had my heart.  She was the eccentric compilation of all the costume and fashion design icons in history.  She was a bit of Edith Head, Carrie Donovan, Rei Kawakubo… She dressed like us fashion types do, all in black, but with lots of texture.  Her design prowess not only looked fantastic, but they addressed superhero problems.  I dressed as Edna for Halloween that year.  It was my most popular costume ever.

101 dalmations

Cruella De Vil
While 101 Dalmatians was a big, effective anti-fur fashion statement, (wearing fur kills puppies!) You have to admit that a flamboyant character who employs a gang of thugs and  has a singular obsession with making a spotted coat made for a fabulous villain.

Who was the most fashionable cartoon of your youth?
Images from Walt Disney Col,Pixar,Warner Bros.,DC Comics

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