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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

J. Mendel Fall 2013

j mendel fall 2013
If you're going to do fur for fall, do it well.  The most fashionable of these is multi-generation label J. Mendel. The designer created highly modern pieces for Fall 2013 at NY Fashion Week for today's customer.  Long vests, collars, cuffs and gorgeous handbags are some ways to wear fur today. If you have a moral objection to fur however, there were plenty of luxurious looks that did not involve any animals.
j mendel dress
Metallic brocade separates, long flowing gowns with sequins and elaborate embroidery, bias seamed satin were all elegant details that allowed the J. Mendel client to wrap themselves in the same amount of luxury with or without fur.  
j mendel embroidery
As an embroidery designer, I drooled over these beautiful art deco inspired beading patterns.  Feeling like a contemporary Daisy Buchanan flirting with Gatsby? The embroidery looks so fantastic because of the delicate lines are all running down the curves of the body which is incredibly flattering.

I can's say every look was a success.  There was this one jacket with a fur peplum...What kind of woman wants a thick furry piece wrapped around her waist?  
j mendel purse
The handbags were in traditional silhouettes, but the materials were ultra-luxe, with crocodile, mink, fox and treated leathers.  My personal favorite was that trimmed mink clutch with the jeweled handle.  Love. Want. Christmas is coming...

Will you be incorporating the fur trend into your fall wardrobe?

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Eddy said...

that fur is TDF!

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