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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Zang Toi Creates Embellished Luxury

Fashion Designer Zang Toi always has one of the most stunning runway collections at NY Fashion Week.  For his spring 2013 collection, I was dazzled by the sparkling embellishments on the pastel gowns.  As an embroidery designer, I wanted to get to know his creative process.  He was generous enough to let us into his journey:

Ms. Fabulous: What is your creative process when developing embroideries for your collection?

Zang Toi: I get my inspiration from almost everything; it can be from a molding, or lace, or drawings or simply a unique pattern.

Ms. F: What materials did you choose in spring 2013 and why?

Z.T.: I used a lot of sequins and beads, as well as Swarovski crystals. It is a Spring collection; I wanted it to be light and airy, yet elegant and beautiful at the same time. The Swarovski crystals for the evening, in order to capture the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera.

Ms. F:  Do you have favorite materials you like to use again and again in your embellishments?

Z.T.: Over the years, I have used a lot of beads, sequins, and crystals.

Ms. F: How did the color palette for spring 2013 collection reflect the inspiration of your French Riviera trip?

Z.T.: French Riviera is so romantic and breathtaking. I used Ice Lilac, Ice Yellow & Ice Pink to express the beauty of Cote D’Azur.

Ms. F: I loved the placement of the crystal embroidery in arches at the waist or like an encrusted collar around the neck and flower motifs at the hem. When you create the overall look do you design the embroideries to flatter the body or highlight certain areas of the customer?

Z.T.: That’s definitely one factor that I take into consideration when working with a customers. But very often, I have a vision in my mind of how I would like the embroidery to look. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it doesn't. We would do fittings and make changes accordingly.

Ms. F  Thank you Zang!

Now are you feeling inspired? Why don't you try your hand at the DIY project I created for you that was inspired by this collection. 

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