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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY: Crystallized French Riviera Floral

mariana leung embroidery
Welcome to the first project in my runway DIY series. This crystallized French Riviera floral brooch/clip was inspired by Zang Toi's Spring Summer 2013 runway collection. You can read our exclusive interview with the designer about his creative process in designing his sparkling embroideries right here.

For this project you will need:
-3 or 4 Swarovski 4739 200x160 MM crystals
-About 50 Swarovski Crystallized Sew-on crystal 4mm 3128 stones
-1 yard of silk organza in the color of your choice.
-Beading needle and matching thread
-Dual brooch clip (I order mine from Trimweaver)
-Flower template (Download the one I created here).  
swarovski design
Fold the organza as many times as you can and pin the flower template to the top. You can print the flower template in different sizes if you like.

Cut around the flower template for lots of layers of flowers.You don't have to spend too much time getting the ridges exactly right.  It looks more natural to have some irregularity.

flower cutout

This is totally optional, but you can shape your cut organza flower petals for more depth.  I have antique French flower irons, but you can also just shape them with a ball iron (available at craft stores) or the tip of your regular iron. If you do you a regular iron, you can try pressing the petals down the middle, or stretching and pressing around the top edges for shape and dimension.

antique fabric flower

Layer all of your flower petals on top of each other, but rotate them slightly with each layer for more depth and coverage. Use a few tacking stitches (cut and stitch to a circle in stiff fabric if your organza is too flimsy). 

Embroider 3 or 4 of the Swarovski 200x160 stones in the center. Then embroider the small 4mm sew-on stones in an irregular manner in between and around the larger stones. Over lap and sew some stones on top of the first layer of 4mm stones for a clustered, rich look.

After all of the Swarovski crystals are embroidered, stitch the flower to the brooch clip through the center.

You're done!
Product was provided by Swarovski Elements for use of this project.

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