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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Timo Weiland Fall 2013

Fashion editors like to toss around phrases like "urban camouflage" and utilitarian a lot with fashion.  I think that's often BS.  However, with Timo Weiland's Fall 2013 collection, I actually see how that applies.

It's kind of funny how two male designers, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, understand the mind space of a a cosmopolitan woman who likes the idea of a rugged uniform look or camo pattern, but will only execute it in a sophisticated, feminine way... The camouflage motif was done in an elegant sweater with sequins.  Military colors were translated into georgette or leather.  The aviator jacket was made like a tailored blazer.  The looks on the runway were a cheeky take on several fashion cliches and I thought it was very clever.

This collection is a lot like how I dress "for the country" which leaves my Hubby shaking his head.  Reminding me that I just don't "blend" when I wear a severely tailored silk crepe plaid blouse and dark indigo skinny jeans.  It's the same as a flannel and denim isn't it?  So what if my work boots are Miu Miu?

Timo Weiland's catwalk serves as a reminder that a diva can be a diva no matter what the trend might be. Ha!

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Alex Smith said...

camouflage is just hot on girls

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