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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

High Tech Dresses That Move When You Look

Wow, I thought I had seen it all in techie innovations for fashion.  Last month, Dezeen Magazine showcased designer Ying Gao's edgy dresses.  Their styles are avant-garde enough, until you discover that they they slither and writhe as you look at them!

The dresses themselves are constructed with glow in the dark and photo luminescent thread over ruched fabric which means they light up or glow in the dark.  What makes them move though, are lots of tiny embedded motors that are coordinated with eye tracking technology.  The designer previous exhibited  garments that move as if they breathe or curl and unroll in reaction to outside light.

You need to see this video of the dresses in action: 

The past few years have been extremely progressive in high tech functional fashion.  Project  Runway's Diana Eng started a trend of finding ways to incorporate tech.  She produced a collection and a book that used light tubes, conductive wire and inflatable dresses that later inspired a challenge on a later season of the show.

I have also seen 3-D printed garments (famously on Dita Von Teese), lingerie that monitors the stock market and some amazing augmented reality apps.

The fashion industry has long been criticized for being slow to adopt technology.  I just can't imagine who those critics are!
Photos from Dezeen.com

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