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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jazz-Age Lawn Party Style

Love flapper fashion? Gatsby? Downton Abbey? Boardwalk Empire?  You saw all of these style influences at last weekend's Jazz-Age Lawn Party over at NYC's Governor's Island.  The fashionable summer event is in it eighth year, anchored by the festive Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra.

With all of the vintage fashion inspiration in movies and film, the music-inspired event brings out bigger and bigger crowds of garb-enthusiastic fashionistas.  I love that men and children are as lavishly attired as the ladies.  The fans are so brilliantly detailed that the aesthetic is followed through to even the picnic settings and vehicles.

You would think that everyone would have shown up in beaded flapper dresses after this summer's Great Gatsby movie premiered (especially with director Baz Luhrman in attendance).  However, the crowd was beautifully creative taking looks from all sorts of themes, from musicians, charleston dancers, retro swimwear, tea dresses, domestic servants or co-opting the vintage look with contemporary punk.

If you missed the party in June, rouge your knees for the next party on August 17th and 18th of 2013. More information here.

photos Patrick Michael Hughes,Faran Krentcil for Elle.com, Katie Sokoler


Faran said...

Glad you liked my photos! But please link your piece back to the ELLE.com story where they came from. Thanks.

Mariana L. said...

Loved your photos and Elle.com article! I have linked it to your credit. thanks!

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