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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sisters of Summer

What makes the best summer memories?  Where you were or who you were with?  I spent a lifetime of summers enjoying food and fashion with my sister.   She just came down to NYC to kick off the summer with me for Memorial Day.  We enjoyed an epic dinner at Mario Batali’s Del Posto then went shopping at Woodbury Commons the next day.  (The photo above is of us heading out the door in my Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress and she in her slinky black knit).

We have a history of seeking out the gourmet delights of the Mediterranean.  Three years ago, we traveled to a cottage in Tuscany to learn how to cook an authentic Italian meal.  An hour away from Florence, we sought out the elusive Prada outlet where she was so excited to shop, she claimed she would “vomit”.  (Tip: It’s called “SPACE” and located on the back of what looks like a corporate park).  The tiny town of Panzano was also home to an unexpected design studio for colorful custom shoes.

Nineteen years ago, we traveled through Greece and Turkey as a big family reunion.  We consumed huge bricks of baklava while shopping for handmade sandals and vintage Ottoman textiles.  Our childhood travels had simpler flavors.  We loved ice cream and a good game of dress-up at any spot our parents saw fit to take us on our road trips.

As adults, we dress up and still love a frozen treat.  However, we just might spike it now…

The deliciously light taste of sorbet now comes in a bottle.  Introducing Smirnoff Sorbet Light. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.  Made With Smirnoff Vodka Infused With Natural Flavors. 30% Alc/Vol. ©2013 The Smirnoff" Co., Norwalk, CT.  Per 1.5oz serving: Calories 78, Carbohydrates 1.3g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Smirnoff via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Smirnoff.

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