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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parsons Fashion Design - Menswear 2013

Ah the gentlemen from the Parsons School of Design were  stylish lot.  Payton Frantzen mixed color and shiny leathers into the collection of jumpsuits.  The overall aesthetic reminded me of a luxe gas pump jacket of the future.
Yunxiang Sharon Zhou relied on asymmetrical proportions using traditional menswear fabrics.  The fit was relaxed and helped by surprises in headwear.  The dip dyed sleeves on the shirt was a nice touch.  I'm not sure the silhouettes are ready for the American market, but the collection looked comfortable.

 Patrick McCabe of Memphis had a modern take on formal wear.  The high contrast suits were young, fresh and I can totally see these on the red carpet.
Sang Hup Park took cozy, woolly menswear fabrics and designed a collection that turned classic menswear proportions around.  A dropped waist belted coat with over-sized pocket or a blazer with giant wrap collar looked avant-garde but completely wearable for the sophisticated man.  I totally see Barney's picking this label up. 

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