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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

David Bowie Is

davie bowie ziggy

david bowie
A pop icon, a trendsetter in fashion, design... The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a comprehensive exhibit into the David Bowie archive to explore his creative process.  He may primarily be known as a musician, but his influence in style reaches far beyond that.

 In the 1970's and 1980's he was known for his androgynous, futuristic and avant-garde aesthetic.  His Ziggy Stardust bodysuits were designed by Freddie Buretti and gave direction to activewear.  Dramatic makeup looks were imitated by both men and women.  All are on display in the exhibit.  The rockstar's personal sketches, artwork for his albums, storyboards and intimate diary entries offer insight into his artistic process.

Yves Saint-Laurent, Jonathan Saunders Spring 2013 and Alexander McQueen's Resort 2013 collection were all clearly influenced by the Bowie's style. My first memory of his style was his role in 1986's Labyrinth.  His spiked hair, tights and ruffled shirt as the "Goblin King" was my first encounter with his Rock n' Roll style and the 11 year old me found it incredibly sexy.

The exhibit runs until August 11, 2013.

Photos by Frank W Ockenfels,Duffy Archive,John Robert Rowlands and V&A Museum

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