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Monday, May 20, 2013

Shopping and Spa at Atlantis Bahamas

What is the difference in planning a vacation shopping experience and one in your regular city? Do people shop differently when they are near the beach?  I explored the glamorous Escape Boutique at The Cove at Atlantis to find out.

In chatting with Atlantis Bahamas public relations manager Megan Marchesini, she expressed the luxury resort's major demographic guests were mostly from the Northeast of the United States.  Sounds like a bunch of New Yorkers to me.  When you factor in their restaurants mirror the top celeb chefs of NYC (they have an outpost of Mesa Grill and Nobu in the resort) you might be inclined to think that The Cove is Gotham South.

With that in mind, does the New York fashion sense travel to the islands as well?  Lots of blacks and tailored looks?  Not.  The more color, the better.  While fashion designers known to New Yorkers like Kara Ross and Matthew Williamson are carried at the shop, what sells is anything bright, embellished and probably shiny.

Buyers for a luxury resort boutique know that guests are in a fantasy mind frame, so the merchandise must reflect that.  A fun cowboy hat or dancing shoes need to represent the indulgent experience that is a contrast to the everyday routine of home (and the everyday look of home).  Like the name chefs of the restaurants on property, there is the assurance of designer names on the products, but also co-branded with the Atlantis resort's name as well, as it is in itself a prestige name.  When you get the bright pink or coral necklace home, it is your souvenir of the fun you had and a calling card for you to return to the party that was.

After all of that hard work shopping, you need to wind down at the Mandara spa. The high design factor of The Cove was carried through to the spa of course. I was in several waiting areas in between treatments which added to the experience. I had a little sampler of facial, massage and scrub. The staff here gets that New Yorkers are high-strung when they get there and know how to handle them. Every person I encountered was delightful.

BTW, here is the view that I had from my room. So how are YOU spending your next vacation?

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