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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pratt Institute Fashion Show 2013 - Part 3

raya kassisieh pratt
pratt fashion raya

Designers of avant-garde fashion will be my focus for the third part of the Pratt graduate fashion show.  Raya Kassisieh designed an all-white collection of sculpted shapes that distorted the shape of the body.  It looked futuristic, like they could be part of Princess Leia's wardrobe out of Star Wars.  The clean lines and construction were beautifully executed.  

pratt fashion 2013

Jefferson Musanda designed a very clean, graphic collection of black, grey and white.  The collection of separates had a sporty, space aged look that was very wearable as a modern sportswear line.  The trousers and peplum details was a nod to more traditional silhouettes with a updated execution.

simone kurland fashion

A crisp, stiff shield was the accessory of choice for Simone Kurland's collection.  The basic ivory and black collection featured easy, classic shapes in the jackets and dresses that included an asymmetrical overlay piece.  The stiff piece was a contrast to the softer, more fluid garment underneath.   

madeline gruen pratt fashion
The big winner of the night was Madeline Gruen. She won the school's big award of $25000 and an additional equivalent in space, supplies and mentorship.  Her collection featured a blue and cream palette with an antique toile print.  

What made this collection standout was that she used very old, artisan techniques and applied them into new silhouettes.  You can see an Elizabeth ruff used as a skirt in one look.  Mens suits were hand embroidered with crystal and another woman's suit was embellished with fabric poufs along the back shoulder.  The use of the toile print in modern silhouettes was also a fresh take on an old pattern.

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