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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pratt Graduate Fashion Show - Part Two

debra lin pratt

pratt fashion 2013
debra lin fashion

Part two of my coverage of the Pratt Institute's graduate fashion show focuses on the designers who brought ethnic influences and sculptured texture to their collections.

One of my favorites of the show had to be Debra Lin's group.  There were some beautiful, elaborate prints mixed with the fur, exotic skins and the dramatic shoulders of a samurai.  While the tribal and Asian influences were clear, they weren't literal. Individually, the tops, outerwear, pants, etc. were very wearable, chic pieces.  Loved this!
alleen garboushian fashion

Alleen Garboushian mixed beautiful prints together with crochet and knit embellishments for texture.  The transparent tops mixed with thick, woolly loops and embroidery had an African vibe with the earth toned palette.

paola ricardo pratt fashion
Paola Ricardo's sexy, body conscious looks were a showcase in all types of dimensional knit techniques.  The sculpted shapes that followed the contours of the body in many ways had the effect of an Amazon warrior wearing the trophies of her kills (but in a chic way!) 

Keep an eye out for these names, soon to take over a closet near you...

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