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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carolina Herrera Bridal 2014

herrera bridal 2014
 This has got to be one of my favorite wedding gowns of bridal week.  This Carolina Herrera dress has a beautifully sculpted skirt that is fluted in in multiple cones, giving a new look to the popular fishtail silhouette.  It reminded me of the famous clover gown of Charles James back in 1953 (I'm not that old,  I just worshiped that gown in fashion history class).  The gorgeous lace?  An illusion.  This was all hand-painted onto silk organza...

carolina herrera wedding 2014
The clover fluted hem continued into a more flower shaped hem in another gown.  There were several short dresses that had dramatically shaped seaming.  If you like a menswear tailoring vibe in a feminine dress, there was a gown that was strapless, but had a lapel/jacket bodice that buttoned down the middle.

I usually don't think of Carolina Herrera as designing avant-garde fashion.  She usually represents the regal, elegant choice.  However, I believe the brides that came down this runway aisle will be leading the trends for weddings to come.
Photos by John Aquino

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