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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bella Sisters - Upcycled Chic

Happy Earth day! As a fashion designer, how do you design a truly Eco-friendly collection?  The Bella Sisters are a team I found in Portland's Saturday Market that answers that question.

A truly sustainable label, designers Cynthia and Jenna Rose up cycle old blazers and coats into their own brand of embellished  outerwear.

Too often, stores that carry so-called up cycled clothing end up looking like a Frankenstein of misfit garments.  Bella Sisters has a distinct aesthetic that make each piece clearly their own. The jackets have flattering fits with their signature back waist pin tucks or contrast tie belt.  A coordinated hood are a constant as are cozy knit cuffs or romantic ruffles.

  Most beautifully, each jacket is embroidered with woolen appliqu├ęs that have motifs like birds and flowers on branches, jelly fish or a radiant heart.  The embellishments are always complementary to the fabrics of the jacket and include dimensional details like beads and semi precious stones.

Cynthia and Jenna are actually cousins, but growing up in Seattle and sharing a passion for making things resulted in their partnership as close an any sibling.

To recap, Bella Sisters sources locally, are made locally and transforms previously loved clothing into a one of a kind fashion.  They are happy to do custom pieces for their fans.

I think this is the fashion label for our times.  Innovative, great style, planet friendly and smart. I was happy to support them and love the jacket I bought.  Get on board and do the same!

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debrakinsky said...

I love my jacket that I bought from Bella Sisters. I am a larger size, so I appreciated that they had something to fit me, too. It's one of my favorite-ever fashion buys. I want to eventually get another.

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